CFS Online Second Season – Reactions to Rounds

An appreciation score of 73.8% for this Bulgarian film; an interesting snapshot of a democracy finding its feet. The interconnected stories appreciated by some members while others found it too disjointed. Some of your comments:

  • Lots of authentically black police humour.
  • Very well constructed and acted. The comic interludes made the tragic storylines even more powerful.
  • Unusual! Amusing but moving. Corruption mitigated by compassion.
  • An interesting comment on Bulgarian society – and a partially corrupt police force but not all black and white – lots of positive humanity here too – also loved the clever interconnected stories in the evening’s police rounds.
  • Despite similar themes to Supernova, I enjoyed this film so much more: the sparing but judicious use of humour and more well-rounded characters made the film easier to watch whilst still retaining its power, providing an insight into the east/west complexities of the Bulgarian national psyche.
  • It was funny in places and at other times distressing.
  • Gritty, heartfelt, humorous, Bulgarian – what more could you want!
  • The interplay of the different scenarios worked well and certainly demonstrated the challenges for the police. Plus the corruption and contempt for life that was shown. Gritty!
  • Surprisingly good, an eye opener.
  • Challenging and thought-provoking, not an easy watch.
  • A little more humour would have been good but otherwise excellent film.
  • A mix of black humour and some very dark, serious stuff.
  • Good film after a slow start.
  • I enjoyed it but it was not profound or memorable.
  • Very unsettling.
  • Unsatisfactory acting (except for the elderly teacher) and weak plot, some funny moments with police practices.
  • An interesting idea that just didn’t work for me, despite the occasional humorous moments – too disjointed.
  • Dull, disjointed and never arrived anywhere!