CFS Online Third Season – Reactions to Sofia

Sofia – this film from Morocco was well appreciated, with no rating below C and an overall score of 77.6%. Some of the comments received:

  • A really excellent film showing how society reacts in different cultures. Very well done.
  • Thought-provoking and although not much plot there was so much said through nuance and facial expression rather than words.
  • Excellent and moving film which challenges previous too easily held preconceptions around victim-hood. Men aren’t always as exploitative as usually portrayed!
  • Engrossing, great acting, great insight into Moroccan culture, beautiful cinematography.
  • An intimate, sensitive portrayal of the life of a girl living in Morocco, nicely paced and not overly sentimental, with real, flawed, characters.
  • A different take from the usual angle taken on this general theme in the Islamic world. Very interesting and well-paced.
  • Very good insights to another culture – interesting story with some pretty awful characters well played.
  • Grim but telling.
  • Best of the online films.
  • A difficult and uncomfortable subject made worse by unpleasant characters.
  • Interesting reflection on human behaviour but rather an abrupt ending. Very much ‘full frontal’ photography of people and groups.
  • Interesting dilemma but lacked emotional tension. Could have been so much more.