CFS Online Second Season – Reactions to Supernova

Mixed reactions to Supernova which achieved an overall appreciation score of 69.9%. Some members were not entirely convinced by the ending.

Supernova, first of the CFS Online films we showed after Christmas, received an appreciation score of 69.9 per cent. Some of your comments:

  • Very touching and finely acted. Beautiful scenery. The gentle pace contributed to the various dilemmas faced by the characters.
  • Tense, harrowing, original.
  • The more that you reflect on this film the better it seems – an excellent allegorical story.
  • Tension building up until the end, but then resolved with an anti-climax.
  • I thought this film was excellent in expressing the emotions of so many people in one location. I felt I was present and was very affected by what unfolded. The acting and filming were very good.
  • So realistic. Harrowing to watch.
  • Dark subject matter but not a lost shot – worth watching.
  • Great film up until 10 minutes from the end which was disappointing and unsatisfying.
  • Very involving catastrophic tale with a weak ending, so much blundering with a relentless decent into chaos and recrimination, bleak indeed! It held a horrible fascination.
  • Possibly a little thin on character but excellent choreography of a complex crowd scene.
  • It was gripping, thought provoking and quite dark.
  • An interesting way of filming a story , but not entirely convincing.
  • Very disturbing, but worth watching. Quite scary to see how things can escalate so quickly and so dramatically, when people are angry, scared, traumatised.
  • Reasonable plot, low budget feel.
  • Lacked credibility.
  • A rather depressing film and the ending was bizarre.
  • Another weak plot, another not very good choice of an Eastern Europe recent cinema production. Unconvincing dialogue with poor performance.