CFS Online Third Season – Reactions to The Humorist

The Humorist – this film rather split the audience, but the positives outweighed the negatives with an overall score of 62.8%. Some of the comments received:

  • A thoughtful and provocative, although satirical look of Russia.
  • Great characterisation and writing.
  • Excellent choice. Fascinating and unusual narrative on the Soviet era.
  • Excellent – dark but a compelling look at a very recent bit of history we shouldn’t forget.
  • Interesting portrayal of a privileged person in the former Soviet Union.
  • Slow to get going, but very clever film technique to recall soviet-era films.
  • Interesting the difference in the sense of humour between countries. I think we would be horrified to see a comedian reading from a script. I felt sorry for him because he was on a treadmill which he couldn’t get off. His acting was excellent.
  • An interesting insight into the political and cultural circles of Soviet life.
  • Nothing particularly special and overall viewing experience spoiled by some subtitles being difficult to read.
  • A film dealing with a difficult issue but it wasn’t clear whether or not the “hero” was successful in bucking the system or had sold out.
  • Not one of your better choices. Had to force myself to finish watching it and wish I had just given up on it. Just didn’t find it particularly amusing or interesting and didn’t care enough about the characters.
  • Extremely depressing & not much humour!
  • I found this was an awful film which I struggled to watch until the end. It gave no real insight into any aspect of Soviet life.
  • Incomprehensible.