CFS Online Third Season – Reactions to Veins of the World

Veins of the World – the most successful film of the third mini-season, with an overall score of 84.7%. Some of the comments received:

  • Stunning image of a very different part of the world.
  • Superb film – beautifully shot and very understated. Enjoyed the child’s eye view and what a wonderful performance from the child actor playing Amra.
  • Lovely film easily the best of the online films. I had no idea about the mining in Mongolia so the film was educational as well as entertaining and beautiful to watch.
  • One of the best I have seen , so powerful ,full of humanity.
  • An unusual but compelling film. The mix of modern and traditional life, the mining impinging on the herding and the characters made for a very memorable film.
  • Brilliant. Poignant, without being over sentimental.
  • Beautiful wide-angle photography with a simple but telling storyline.
  • Beautifully filmed and made you so aware of the desecration of a community and its land and way if life by greedy, unfeeling profiteers. So sad.
  • Excellent film (best of the online season) – just a shame not to be able to see it on the big screen given the amazing scenery.
  • A moving story highlighting yet another environmental pillaging of the earth. When will we ever learn?
  • As ever, the Mongolian landscape is a wonderful backdrop to films and this sad but inspiring family story.
  • Beautiful landscapes, even on a small screen. A familiar theme of the lives of indigenous tribes being destroyed by commercial companies, but enhanced by a compelling central performance by the boy.
  • An interesting perspective on issues from another culture.