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In Raising Arizona (1987), a clueless hold-up artist falls for a police officer as she is taking his prison mugshots. The pair marry, but being unable to conceive a child of their own, decide to kidnap a quintuplet belonging to a local businessman. The plan proves hilariously inept. Holly Hunter is adorable as the wife, Ed, but the film really belongs to a young Nicolas Cage, whose eccentricity had not yet calcified into mannerism. The North loves to make fun of the South, and nobody does it with more enthusiasm than the Brothers Coen. Raising Arizona is on Sony Movies on Sunday (7/3) at 19:05.

World Cinema

On Sunday (7/3) at 22:00, BBC4 has The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil (2019), a South Korean thriller in which a policeman and a criminal join forces to pursue a serial killer. Writer/director Won-Tae Lee ticks all the genre boxes. 

On Thursday (11/3) at 01:10, Film4 has Eden (2014), about the French house-music scene of the 1990s. Sex, drugs and metronomic kickdrum. 

Stephen’s Picks

On Saturday (6/3) at 21:00, Talking Pictures has The Colour of Money (1986), Martin Scorsese’s pool-hustling morality tale, with perennially cool Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. “Cruise is annoying of course, but he was supposed to be,” writes some anonymous assassin on IMDB. (Also on Wednesday at 21:05).

On Monday (8/3) at 01:25, Film4 has Dreams of a Life (2011). A forgotten life, remembered, through the moving picture. BFI.

On Tuesday (9/3) at 01:50, Film4 has Skate Kitchen (2018). Girls on wheels in New York. We do delivery now. But wipe your feet.

On Wednesday (10/3) at 01:25, Film4 has Neds (2010). Peter Mullan’s Glaswegian dialect project. Think Chavs.

Others and their lives

On Saturday (6/3) at 21:00, Sky Arts has Poly Styrene – I am a Cliché (also on Friday 23:00). A one-hit wonder? How very dare you. ‘O Bondage, Up Yours!’ At 23:20, BBC1 has Margin Call (2011). Debut feature about grunt-work in the money mills. 

On Monday (8/3) at 00:00, BBC2 has In the Loop (2009). Language!


On Tuesday (9/3) at 21:00, Sky Arts has The Painter and the Thief (2020). Self-explanatory English title, but Norse, of course. At 23:30, BBC2 has Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (2013). Series idea. 


On Thursday (11/3) at 01:15, Channel 4 has Fences (2016). They make good neighbours. At 21:00, BBC4 has Hancock (1991). Will Smith is The Lad Himself. Charlize Theron keeps an eye on him.

Oldies. I M R U?

On Saturday (6/3) at 15:35, Channel 5 has Labyrinth (1986). Or is it a Maze? Am I the only person who loves Larry’s Party?

On Tuesday (9/3) at 14:55, Sony Action has Young Winston (1972). Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime.

Put on your cold weather gear, we’re going in way back. On Wednesday (10/3) at 15:00, Film4 has Detective Story (1951). Karl Schneider plays an abortionist.

On Thursday (11/3) at 07:40, Sony Action has They Won’t Believe Me (1947). Story of my Life. At 12:00, Paramount has Jesse James (1939). Sweet.

On Friday (12/3) at 21:00, 5 Star has The Rainmaker (1997). 

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