How to stream the films

Streaming the films is a five-step process. It is a little tricky the first time but you will soon get the hang of it.

  1. Go to the site. You will see the films listed according to the first day of their availability. Choose one of the films on this page. On the page you are taken to, click the button at the top that says Watch. Ignore the price as this is for members of the public only.
  2. A window will open that asks you to make an account. (Ignore the price for the public.) Enter your email address. Click Continue.
  3. A new window will open for you to finish making your account. (Ignore the public price again.) Put in your name and a password. Confirm your password. This also indicates that you agree to YourScreen’s Terms and Conditions. Click the button marked Create account. (You will only have to do this once.)
  4. Once you have completed  the quick registration you will be directed to the page for the promo code. Do not enter your credit card details. Do not click Watch. Those are for the public. Put in the code sent to you by CFS. Click Apply. A new page will appear showing that your discount has been applied and that you will pay £0.00.
  5. Click Watch and then on the next page Play Now. Click on the Play arrow and the film will start. Remember, you have only 48 hours to watch it once you have pressed Play.

The next time you use the site, you will be asked to sign in. After that it knows that you are signed in and you won’t have to enter your email and password again. But you will still have to use your promo code to get the films for nothing.