La Zona: Reactions

Thank you for coming along to see La Zona. Lots of you seem to have enjoyed it.

The audience reaction score was a respectable 78 per cent. Some comments:

  • “Very moving and a taste of a future that is already here and increasing.”
  • “Really appreciate the diversity and thoughtfulness of CFS Extra selection.”
  • “All too real I feel, and very sad.”
  • “Really interesting and challenging ¬†film: need to watch again to fully understand. Good choice!”
  • “Hard to follow at first but very thought provoking.”
  • “I did find it hard to follow.”
  • “Poignant in light of the death of the actor playing Miguel in real life. A bit too downbeat for me, though.”
  • “Lots of great bits but overall a bit naive and implausible.”