Mixed views on Paterson

Opinions were sharply divided on Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson, which received an appreciation score of 69.17 per cent.

Some responses:

  • “A wonderful film. So slow paced you’d expect to be bored but it was full of surprises.”
  • “A subtle, gentle, moving film. Understated but complex.”
  • “Who would have thought the apparent carnage of Trump’s rust-belt USA could produce a film of such lyric beauty.”
  • “Loved it! So refreshing to see a slow movie for a change!”
  • “Very calm and melodic. Thought provoking.”
  • “Good choice for a film soc. A poetic film that wouldn’t make general release.”
  • “Beautifully simple.”
  • “A lovely understated film with a subtle sense of humour. Shows the mundaneness of everyday life.”
  • “Most unusual but never boring.”
  • “Sweet. I just fell in love with a dog. Dog/poetry.”
  • “Beautifully acted and filmed but ultimately pointless.”
  • “I tried hard with this film and am worried that I may have missed something. Loved the dog Marvin.”
  • “If it wasn’t for the dog it would get an E.”
  • “Not worth coming out for.”