New arrangements for 2021

The recently published Government roadmap out of lockdown has enabled us to plan for three more in-cinema screenings at The Cheltenham Playhouse (further details of the film here).  Although specific requirements for each stage of the relaxation will only be published nearer to the time, we are currently working on the assumption that we will still need to adhere to much the same social distancing rules, etc. for these screenings, which will mean limiting capacity to 60 people for each screening. Therefore, we are currently scheduling three screenings of each film at 17:30 and 20:15 on the Tuesdays, followed by 20:15 on the Wednesdays, with the booking arrangements the same as used last year.

In the meantime, the third mini-season of four more films for CFS Online is underway in conjunction with YourScreen.

The dates/films are as follows:

25/26 May 2021 – Monos (Colombia)
15/16 June 2021 – And Then we Danced (Georgia)
29/30 June 2021 – The Farewell (USA-China)

We shall issue the invitation to book for each film to all upgraded members around two weeks in advance of each screening.

Those of you who have already upgraded need take no action at this stage (apart from noting the dates), but others will need to upgrade beforehand (please see the website or let me know), either now or nearer the time.  This will of course also give you access to the latest season of CFS Online films.