New Season showing of Fremont followed by Wine & Cheese event

Fremont – followed by Wine & Cheese event
(16 April 2024 at 19.45)

Babak Jalali | USA | 2023 | 12A | 91 mins | Trailer

An utterly delightful, wryly witty, immigrant story. Donya is an Afghan who worked as a translator for the American army before the Taliban took power and is now living in a bedsit in the town of Fremont in California working in a fortune cookie factory. She misses home and is filled with guilt for her lucky
escape. But while the trauma of Donya’s past reverberates throughout, the narrative feels close to the comedy of Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig. Beautifully filmed in monochrome, with a totally magnetic central performance from Anaita Wali Zada as Donya and also features Jeremy Allen White in two effortlessly heart-wrenching scenes.