New Season showing of Full Time

Full Time
(26 September 2023)

Éric Gravel | France | 2021 | 12 | 88 mins | French | Trailer

Single parent Julie commutes daily from her remote suburb into central Paris attempting to balance her failing finances, manage her tenuous childcare and keep a grip on her own sanity whilst searching for a new job with more pay that better reflects her skills. At last she gets an interview for the perfect job to get her out of debt when she’s confronted by a paralysing transport strike and her week goes into overdrive, each day more frenetic than the last. With its underlying themes of job insecurity, work inequality and social unrest this is a very different kind of thriller … but just as tense! Almost a one-woman show for Laure Calamy (Call My Agent) who is in nearly every frame playing desperate mum Julie, struggling with the pressures of modern living in this edge-of-your-seat film.