Reactions to A Chiara

A Chiara achieved an overall appreciation score of 61.1%. Some members found this tense, gripping and unsettling; while many found it too long, slow and hard to watch. Some of the comments submitted:

  • Brilliantly filmed, with lengthy screen shots that moved with great energy. Moving performances from all the main characters. Elliptical and warm. I loved it.
  • Made in the best traditions of Italian cinema, with great acting by non-professional actors.
  • Tense, gripping and at times unsettling. It illustrated Italian family life in a totally absorbing way.
  • It was an amazing snap shot of how the family may cope living with these Mafia low level connections!
  • Dizzying amounts of hand held camera work which I felt was not necessary to tell us anything which the steady shots did not reveal.
  • The idea of making the film from Chiara’s viewpoint, gradually understanding what what was happening worked well. However the photography was poor and there were times when the hand-held camera was moved around rapidly and very jerkily. The lighting and focusing was also poor.
  • It was slightly slow to start with but gathered momentum as the film progressed. It was an interesting insight into the Calabrian mafia.
  • Kind of slow at the beginning but got better and better with an unexpected and ambiguous ending. Living in the hidden ‘bunker’ in the house had overtones of ‘Parasite’!
  • Really interesting to see a mafia family from the point of view of an adolescent. Slow burner with a powerful message.
  • Too slow. Well acted. Some tense moments but many anti climaxes.
  • The few moments of jeopardy were outweighed by the tedium.
  • I found the cinematography difficult – too many close ups. Interesting idea to use a family group as the main characters; I thought that worked well. The story and the ‘message’ could have been conveyed in less time without losing impact. It will not be on my ‘memorable films list’.
  • I didn’t find it convincing as a story, characters not believable and not emotionally engaged watching it at all.
  • I found it too slow moving and a bit boring.
  • Very slow and long. Could easily have been half an hour shorter! I did not enjoy the way this was filmed: lots of wobbly close-ups which made it hard to watch.
  • What a boring mafia family. Swooping hand held camera, weird sound design. No charm for me at all.