Reactions to Apollo 11

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 94.44 per cent for Apollo 11.

Some of your comments:

  • “Good to see real footage; well crafted film.”
  • “Truly excellent film; epic; brilliant mix of original footage and new film and photos, colour and black & white.”
  • “Edge of your seat stuff, even though we know the result; beautifully renovated film.”
  • “Unexpectedly brilliant.”
  • “It takes your breath away!”
  • “Amazing experience.”
  • “A reminder of how great we can be.”
  • “Fascinating piece of social history.”
  • “Brilliant; perfectly produced; thank God for no narration.”
  • “Utterly amazing!”
  • “Amazing – how was it all possible?”
  • “So much better than I was expecting.”
  • “Awesome! Brilliant all round: a memorable film.”
  • “Astonishing film; even more astonishing mission.”
  • “Fascinating. Really liked the way events were covered simply as they unfolded, no artifice.”
  • “Amazing film – great choice; moving pictures, audio and soundtrack. More documentaries like this would be very welcome next season please!”
  • “I was 19 in 1969 and I found this great film brought back those feelings from 50 years gone past; amazing and awesome.”
  • “Absolutely engrossing from beginning to end; made me appreciate the complexity of the enterprise and the courage of the astronauts.”
  • “Fascinating documentary. Not having a narrator meant you were totally absorbed.”
  • “Inspiring, outstanding, uplifting; not enough superlatives – wonderful.”
  • “Subtitles would have been useful as was hard to hear at points.”
  • “Not entirely sure it was a priority choice for a film society BUT knew it was certainly worth the making: glad to have learned so much re: procedure and their individual courage.”