Reactions to Bait

Shown as part of our 2020/2021 Cheltenham Playhouse season.

An appreciation score of 83.6 per cent for Bait.

Some of your comments:

  • Great cinematography and detail. Gripping !
  • That was really different and well made. Was mesmerized throughout.
  • An old story told in quite an unorthodox style. Sounds and images almost attack your senses as if trying to shock you grabbing your attention in the most compelling way.
  • Brilliant casting, especially Hugo and Mr Leigh. It reminded me of Derek Jarman (Super 8, etc).
  • At first I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this but after about two minutes I was gripped. The way the movie was shot made it feel timeless and yet such a contemporary theme.
  • Could almost smell the sea.
  • Excellent cinematography, but the plot could have been had more depth.
  • Really interesting use of film and sound, the scratches to the surface and use of different exposures created a very textural feel while the often jarring sounds added to the sense of foreboding.
  • One of the best films I’ve seen in years. A brilliant tragi-comedy, & loved the cinematography. Thank you!
  • Having recently returned from a couple of weeks touring Cornwall and Devon, we loved this film! Shot in black and white on grainy film gives it a nostalgic kitchen sink drama effect and it took me a wee while to work out whether it was shot in the 60s or current day!
  • Better than I thought it would be from the first 5 mins! Got quite into the weird angle shots etc.
  • Good storyline, although sometimes confusing. Elements of that storyline were missing towards the end, but overall felt like an amateur entry in a local film club.
  • Innovative cinematography and editing gave the film an unsettling feel more akin to the horror genre.
  • Visually impressive, narrative could have been more absorbing and compelling. I look forward to seeing this again on TV or DVD with subtitles as I missed some of the dialogue.
  • Altogether an extremely amateurish film. Cinematography especially poor – endless extreme close-ups. Sound was too loud. Very dirty print.