Reactions to Bait

Bait was an experiment for us, in two ways. It was the first time we have used Cheltenham Playhouse in Covid conditions, and the first time we have used an email-based Google forms system for collecting members’ responses to a film.

In both respects it seems to have been a success. You can read about members’ feelings about the whole experience in the news item First Film Goes Well. We received 58 reaction forms from an attendance of about 100, and the overall appreciation figure was a respectable 83.6 per cent. We also received a great number of long and thoughtful comments, so here are just handful, much edited:

  • Great cinematography and detail. Gripping !
  • That was really different and well made. Was mesmerized throughout.
  • An old story told in quite an unorthodox style. Sounds and images almost attack your senses as if trying to shock you grabbing your attention in the most compelling way.
  • Brilliant casting, especially Hugo and Mr Leigh. It reminded me of Derek Jarman (Super 8, etc).
  • At first I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this but after about two minutes I was gripped. The way the movie was shot made it feel timeless and yet such a contemporary theme.
  • Could almost smell the sea.
  • Excellent cinematography, but the plot could have been had more depth.
  • Really interesting use of film and sound, the scratches to the surface and use of different exposures created a very textural feel while the often jarring sounds added to the sense of foreboding.
  • One of the best films I’ve seen in years. A brilliant tragi-comedy, & loved the cinematography. Thank you!
  • Having recently returned from a couple of weeks touring Cornwall and Devon, we loved this film! Shot in black and white on grainy film gives it a nostalgic kitchen sink drama effect and it took me a wee while to work out whether it was shot in the 60s or current day!
  • Better than I thought it would be from the first 5 mins! Got quite into the weird angle shots etc.
  • Good storyline, although sometimes confusing. Elements of that storyline were missing towards the end, but overall felt like an amateur entry in a local film club.
  • Innovative cinematography and editing gave the film an unsettling feel more akin to the horror genre.
  • Visually impressive, narrative could have been more absorbing and compelling. I look forward to seeing this again on TV or DVD with subtitles as I missed some of the dialogue.
  • Altogether an extremely amateurish film. Cinematography especially poor – endless extreme close-ups. Sound was too loud. Very dirty print.