Reactions to Birds of Passage

Our latest film Birds of Passage proved to be slightly less popular than the first four of the season but it still received mostly As and Bs for an overall appreciation score of 76.5%. Some of the comments received:

  • Loved the songs and atmospheric sound track to this moral story.
  • A very interesting alternative view of drugs and their impact on people’s lives. Beautifully filmed with some fine acting.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this look at the culture and the increasing impact of the drug trade in Colombia. It was beautifully constructed and all the characters fascinating. Well done CFS. The films you choose are a welcome change from the Oscar fodder I am used to seeing in America, where I spent 35 years.
  • An epic film of Greek tragic proportions. I came out of home thinking this might be the film I’d walk out of – I was hooked from start to finish.
  • Superb! Great scenery, great story, great music. Highly recommended.
  • Wonderful, very insightful and challenged my thought processes. Once again, thank you, would never see this on at Cineworld!!
  • Beautiful and bleak.
  • Monumental, but lacking subtlety in its messages which were simple to the point of being simplistic.
  • Really enjoyed it. One learns so much of other cultures from the films you choose for us. Thanks.
  • I’m still not exactly sure what I thought about it! However, I was glad I saw it; the dialect and the Indian faces were interesting to see and hear.
  • An interesting perspective on an often-cliched topic. A slow start which really grabbed me by the end.
  • Impressive camera work but a Western like story.
  • Very interesting film but the watching experience was quite harrowing. Very well made and authentic, the ageing process was remarkable. It just didn’t feel like a film. However, the scale of the murders was really shocking because the film was so realistic. I was reeling afterwards.
  • Found the film pretty shocking so for me it wasn’t enjoyed. The scenery, actors and of course the storyline were excellent.
  • Visually gripping, felt a bit like a spaghetti western by the end.
  • Some beautiful cinematography but banal narrative and not much character development.
  • Banal and pretentious. Cod Greek tragedy. Poor on character and narratively obvious. Would you have shown this had it been made in Lancashire?
  • A depressing clash between the ancient Wayuu culture and capitalism and greed at its worst, with a very high body count. Well filmed but spoiled by wooden acting and a poor script. It could have been so much better.