Reactions to Border

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 74.11 per cent for Border.

Some of your comments:

  • “Truly astonishing:- believable, surprising and poignant. Excellent acting – I was totally sucked in!!”
  • “An extraordinary film, courageous, dark, compelling and original. And disturbing as hell!”
  • “Very unusual, but riveting from start to finish.”
  • “Very interesting, opens your eyes out to other ways of looking at things.”
  • “OMG that was a whole other level of bizarre! It certainly held my attention although I don’t think I’d like many CFS films like that. Bizarre was an understatement but I can’t think of another word to sum it up.”
  • “Bizarre but thought-provoking.”
  • “Certainly not bizarre. Great film.”
  • “Weird, sad, interesting, unusual, gripping.”
  • “Weird but excellent. Excellent but weird.”
  • “Innovative, clever.”
  • “Truly original and utterly compelling.”
  • “Hugely enjoyable – will reflect for a week!”
  • “Brilliant. Fabulous acting.”
  • “Were they really trolls or was it excellent prosthetics and acting?”
  • “An everyday story of troll folk.”
  • “Smell follows sight – what next?”
  • “A definite favourite this season!”
  • “A strangely compelling offering. Very bizarre – didn’t see it coming!”
  • “An absorbing film. Bizarre, challenging and disturbing in equal measure.”
  • “Weird and wonderful. Awful in may places. Very surprising!! I don’t know…”
  • “You were right. Weird and challenging.”
  • “Just as weird as you said.”
  • “My sort of film, but confusing in one or two places so only a B.”
  • “Captivating, but if it was an allegory it didn’t work for me.”
  • “Brave choice – Ta!”
  • “Compelling and gripping in one way but a bit sick in another. Not sure what to make of it.”
  • “Weird or what!!”
  • “Very Swedish.”
  • “Sleep intervened.”
  • “Very difficult to rate. I found it very distasteful/distressing.”
  • “Didn’t like – not for me at all.”
  • “Silly.”
  • “One odd film per season is one too many.”
  • “Should not have been selected IMO.”