Reactions to Capernaüm

Despite its harrowing storyline, there was almost universal praise for Capernaüm. Its appreciation score of 95.71 per cent is the third highest we have had in the last 25 years. The two above that were both comedies.

Some of your comments:

  • “Nearly 30 years a member. This was the most profound and affecting film I’ve seen. What a world we live in.”
  • “Amazing! Probably the best movie since I’ve joined.”
  • “What an insight to how others in this world have to survive! One of the best films shown here by CFS.”
  • “This is what film club is all about.”
  • “Superb film: best of season so far. Thank you.”
  • “A seminal lesson on conditions leading to asylum seeking. Well staged, filmed and acted.”
  • “An exceptional film. Beautifully made. Zain was superb – how resilient, street-wise and smart.”
  • “Very powerful, brilliantly done, so moving, and reminds us what the Middle East is like.”
  • “Amazing film – What a horrible life in hell! We are so lucky. Superb acting. Zain should have got a BAFTA/Oscar.”
  • “A most powerful film, which will leave an impression. There are worse places though…”
  • “Extraordinary – child acting as I have never seen before, including baby. Heartbreaking.”
  • “A brilliant film.”
  • “Amazing acting; desperate situation; unexpected upbeat ending.”
  • “Lovely film, great ‘actors’.”
  • “Hard-hitting. One to remember.”
  • “Well done – a real story!”
  • “Difficult watching! But very powerful.”
  • “Unbelievably good!”
  • “And much of this is happening in Britain.”
  • “Harrowing – I’ll never complain about the potholes again.”
  • “Not so keen on wobbly camera work but really engaging subject and some humour and optimism.”
  • “A good film but seemed to echo themes/settings/plot of other films this season. Can get a bit samey and lose the edge.”
  • “I can’t score this, too traumatic. I am unconvinced that this film is ethical in its use of child actors in such traumatising circumstances.”