Reactions to Capernaüm

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 95.71 per cent for Capernaüm.

Some of your comments:

  • “Nearly 30 years a member. This was the most profound and affecting film I’ve seen. What a world we live in.”
  • “Amazing! Probably the best movie since I’ve joined.”
  • “What an insight to how others in this world have to survive! One of the best films shown here by CFS.”
  • “This is what film club is all about.”
  • “Superb film: best of season so far. Thank you.”
  • “A seminal lesson on conditions leading to asylum seeking. Well staged, filmed and acted.”
  • “An exceptional film. Beautifully made. Zain was superb – how resilient, street-wise and smart.”
  • “Very powerful, brilliantly done, so moving, and reminds us what the Middle East is like.”
  • “Amazing film – What a horrible life in hell! We are so lucky. Superb acting. Zain should have got a BAFTA/Oscar.”
  • “A most powerful film, which will leave an impression. There are worse places though…”
  • “Extraordinary – child acting as I have never seen before, including baby. Heartbreaking.”
  • “A brilliant film.”
  • “Amazing acting; desperate situation; unexpected upbeat ending.”
  • “Lovely film, great ‘actors’.”
  • “Hard-hitting. One to remember.”
  • “Well done – a real story!”
  • “Difficult watching! But very powerful.”
  • “Unbelievably good!”
  • “And much of this is happening in Britain.”
  • “Harrowing – I’ll never complain about the potholes again.”
  • “Not so keen on wobbly camera work but really engaging subject and some humour and optimism.”
  • “A good film but seemed to echo themes/settings/plot of other films this season. Can get a bit samey and lose the edge.”
  • “I can’t score this, too traumatic. I am unconvinced that this film is ethical in its use of child actors in such traumatising circumstances.”