Reactions to Clash

Polarised opinions about Mohamed Diab’s intense and claustrophobic¬†Clash last night, but still a strong score of 73.89 per cent. It was not an easy film to watch, and some people hated the constantly moving camera, but most appreciated the skill of the film-making and the relevance of the subject-matter.

Some comments:

  • “Genuinely unique film-making. Brutal, gut-wrenching, with beautiful moments of humanity.”
  • “Brilliant but appalling. Dramatic tension was stunning. Very emotional.”
  • “Against expectations, excellent. Did not follow all the nuances, but absolutely gripping with outstanding characterisation.”
  • “A real gripper! Such tension from start to finish – very strong filmmaking indeed.”
  • “A claustrophobic pandemonium with such tension”
  • “Shocking, appalling, and brilliant”
  • “An impressive and compelling film. When will we learn?”
  • “Amazing cinematography, great narrative. 10x better than last week.”
  • “Harrowing, but compulsive viewing. Nightmare circumstances.”
  • “Lots of things wrong with the film but overall hit the mark. Division is futile”
  • “Very powerful but too long!”
  • “Felt a bit sick with the hand held camera”
  • “So gruelling but highlighted the pointlessness of war”
  • “Relentless and not what I’d call enjoyable. Hard to watch.”
  • “Good in parts. Dreadful camera work – headache inducing”
  • “Left halfway – car sick photography!”
  • “I shut my eyes but it was still very noisy.”