Reactions to Cold War

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 88.21 per cent for Cold War.

Some of your comments:

  • “A brilliant film in every way. Superb.”
  • “Perfect piece of film-making.”
  • “One of the best films I’ve ever seen. Spirited, visually beautiful, so moving.”
  • “By far the best film of the season.”
  • “Best film this season. Refreshing to see a film in b/w.”
  • “Atmospheric and enchanting. Wonderful black and white.”
  • “Loved the black and white, the cinematography and the music – dark and romantic.”
  • “An outstanding film, sad and beautiful in equal measure. Atmospheric and evocative of its time and place,”
  • “Such a beautiful film. Wonderful performance by all. The music is so good! Excellent story.”
  • “Excellent film – a gripping love story with fine performances by the two leading actors and great cinematography.”
  • “Beautiful composition, lighting and music. Truly a warm, lovely film.”
  • “I loved it – the music, acting and the theme – very moving and poignant.”
  • “Loved everything about it!”
  • “Very enjoyable – though sad! – Liked the way the scenes faded out – good Jazz!”
  • “Cinematography excellent. Music excellent,”
  • “Fantastic, evocative and atmospheric.”
  • “A-ma-zing!!! Fabulous story, acting, music.”
  • “Really, really enjoyed it – superb photography.”
  • “Well deserved Oscar nomination.”
  • “Great score – disjointed story.”
  • “Sometimes just a bit melodramatic.”
  • “Enjoyed the black and white, the music, the acting, otherwise a bit tortuous!”
  • “Loved the singing and the dancing and photography. Not enjoyed as much as Ida.”
  • “Lovely music and cinematography but ending a bit disappointing.”
  • “Looked good, but emotionless.”
  • “Epic love story? Epic political drama? I don’t know, and neither did the director.”
  • “Not believable. Corny and shallow. Like 9 1/2 Weeks transported to 1950s!”
  • “Tedious.”
  • “Sad – again!”