Reactions to Custody

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 84.93 per cent for Custody.

Some of your comments:

  • “Incredible, moving, thought-provoking film. Wonderful acting.”
  • “Brilliantly realistic and quite uncomfortable watching.”
  • “But terrifying. Also I wonder if some members of the audience could be traumatised by it.”
  • “A tense diatribe about toxic masculinity and coercive control.”
  • “Absolutely fantastic, terrifying, harrowing.”
  • “Thanks! Great, but so powerful.”
  • “Traumatic but gripping. Incredible acting made it an extremely powerful film.”
  • “Kept one on the edge of the seat from start to finish!”
  • “Well maintained menace and tension throughout.”
  • “Despite there being no twists in the plot, it built tension brilliantly.”
  • “Good suspense and photography.”
  • “Incredible acting. Great screenplay.”
  • “Amazing acting, especially the boy Julien.”
  • “Gripping, extraordinary acting by Julien.”
  • “Fantastic.”
  • “Shattering!”
  • “Engrossing.”
  • “I need a lie-down. Phew!”
  • “Good reflection of breakdown in relationships – but wasn’t expecting ending.”
  • “Incredibly well acted. The whole audience left in need of therapy.”
  • “Too convincing, too horribly menacing.”
  • “At least it didn’t glamorise the violence against women.”
  • “Started well and then seemed to lose its way, then a nail-biting finish.”
  • “Gripping but some longeurs.”
  • “Extended EastEnders. Predictable plot, sometimes tedious sequences. Not one of your best.”
  • “Could have been a powerful story but didn’t quite work.”
  • “Far too tense to rate.”