Reactions to Dalva

Dalva achieved an overall appreciation score of 85.2%. Many members found this believable and were impressed with the child actors; while a minority found it lacked credibility. Some of the comments submitted:

  • Amazing child actors – so very believable.
  • I think this film has evoked more discussion than any other film I have ever seen.
  • Great performance from Zelda Samson. Good plot, well paced and with a hopeful ending. Sensitive exploration of a very difficult issue.
  • Excellent film. Thank you for showing it. Tough subject but beautifully done and glad the CFS don’t shy away from such challenging themes.
  • Very moving – excellent cinematography and hard to believe the young girl was not an actor. So pleased I went, as almost did not after reading the summary.
  • Excellent acting. The film brought up so many different things including the care system and how Dalva loved her father which is an aspect I had not thought of. There was even humour even though the film was about such an intense subject.
  • Unexpectedly engaging and touching film. Superb acting.
  • While the narrative was rather sensationally contrived – why make the social worker a rather dull male who at times seemed predatory? – there was a decency and care and sensitive awareness about the piece.
  • A real mix – captivated by Dalva’s emotional journey, but the implausibility of various characters and settings detracted somewhat.
  • Very poignant. Good to have a happy ending but not to sure if it would happen in real life.
  • Well acted but some jarring moments. Why would a sexually abused girl be assigned a male youth worker when it seemed there were females available?
  • Not sure we know what the director was trying to say or achieve with this film. It felt confused.
  • I was surprised that there was not more female involvement whilst Dalva was in care. It seemed odd that a man would take her shopping. Also surprising the care worker hugging Dalva. Great performances but a contrived ending. Almost as if the director did not know how to finish the story.
  • Would have benefited from closer attention to the child’ state of mind. Where it did this it was better but her responses to both psychologist and mother were minimal.
  • It strained credibility that a male youth worker would be allowed such access to a disturbed young girl. Other than that, quite a troubling, thought-provoking film.
  • A very disappointing, though well-meaning film. I think the director had not put the hours in, e.g. the experienced and caring male worker pins down a rape victim and sits on her crotch? Also Dalva accepted the mum back too easily in my opinion.