Reactions to Dr Strangelove

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 87.3 per cent for Dr Strangelove.

Some of your comments:

  • “The best this year – better than most films in the 56 years since!
  • “A classic film. Glad I had the opportunity to see it.”
  • “Stunning – so good to see it again. What a GREAT film! Thanks a million.”
  • “Still chilling after all these years – especially with Trump in the White House.”
  • “Old, but the satire is timeless.”
  • “As terrifying today as when I saw it decades ago.”
  • “Still brilliant – and relevant – after all these years.”
  • “Wonderful. Great classic. Thanks for showing it.”
  • “Brilliant, powerful, amazing and funny.”
  • “Brilliant combination of humour and horror.”
  • “Well done! More like that please. I am a Kubrick fan, however.”
  • “Hard to believe it’s over 50 years old.”
  • “Wonderful. Peter Sellers and George C Scott were brilliant.”
  • “And now with Trump it’s so much better.”
  • “Clever and deliciously bizarre.”
  • “Stood the test of time.”
  • “Felt it wasn’t dated.”
  • “Just amazing.”
  • “Loved it!”
  • “Funny, but frighteningly true.”
  • “Good to see a film that generated so many cultural references in later years.”
  • “Just the same today. Nothing learned!”
  • “Horrific.”
  • “Over-rated and over-acted.”
  • “Puerile.”
  • “Not my cup of tea!”
  • “?”