Reactions to Frantz

A warm response to Frantz, starring Paula Beer, the opening film of our 2018/10 season. The appreciation score was 87.86 per cent.

Some comments:

  • “Excellent start to the season.”
  • “Great start to the year! Love and aftermath of war – totally cathartic!”
  • “Initially efficient and economic in delivery, it matured into an exquisite story of intrigue and emotion.”
  • “Enigmatic, very moving. Wonderful the way the terrible impact of war was presented.”
  • “Beautifully done and so sad. Once you start to tell a lie it perpetuates.”
  • “A very sad tale told beautifully. Black and white with a bit of colour very effective.”
  • “Entirely drawn in by the story.”
  • “So refreshing, engaging and moving.”
  • “Some confusing moments bout overall a sound, thought provoking film.”
  • “Lovely pace, thought provoking, but second half lost the plausibility.”
  • “Great acting – but bit slow.”
  • “Clunky direction, trite obvious plot only relieved by good acting.”