Reactions to Girlhood

Sharply polarised reactions to Girlhood, which achieved an appreciation score of 66.41 per cent. There were 160 comments, the majority either “very good” or “good”.

A few examples:

  • “Very moving and relevant. Loved it.”
  • “Powerful, good performance by the main actress. The tension is palpable. Moving also.”
  • “Wonderful shapes and forms. Beautifully observed progression.”
  • “Different, interesting, challenging.”
  • “Good to see a gritty non-sentimental film about life as a girl.”
  • “Brooding menace from start to finish: a very difficult one to watch and enjoy.”
  • “Far too long: very gripping and felt fear all the way long.”
  • “A film of little hope.”
  • “Nice ending! A determined lass.”
  • “Noisy and tiresome. Thought it would never end.”
  • “Not for me. Left early.”

There were some comments about the volume level. We will talk to the Bacon’s technical staff about that.

Meanwhile, one belated comment on The Lobster.

  • “From last time: my friend and I haven’t stopped talking about it! Even tho’ I don’t think she liked it.”