Reactions to Graduation

Some enthusiasm for Graduation, but many members found it overlong. It gained an appreciation score of 67.54 per cent.

Here are some comments:

  • “Lovely film. The cronyism, corruption of a developing country is well depicted. These are the moral and ethical dilemmas one faces living in such countries.”
  • “Gentle corruption: a way of life. Understated: left much to be inferred.”
  • “Absorbing and believable.”
  • “Rewarding, thought provoking, totally absorbing.”
  • “Overlong but a good build up of tension.”
  • “But a bit slow and the ending left us in the air.”
  • “But what happens next?”
  • “Who would be a parent?”
  • “Very well shot. Thoughtful scene construction and camera work. A well-paced and intriguing story.”
  • “A grim but accurate depiction of life in Romania.”
  • “Gritty and real.”
  • “Interesting characters.”
  • “An interesting picture of post-Soviet Romania. Film rather long and laborious; lacked tension.”
  • “Too many threads and nothing resolved. Started well but ultimately disappointing. Too long.”
  • “Overlong. Thought provoking.”
  • “Depressing.”
  • “Slightly too long and a little didactic. Moral: don’t have kids!”
  • “A bit overlong. When did he have time to do any doctoring?”
  • “Different, but too long.”
  • “It was a little slow in places. He seemed to be in a hopeless position of his own making.”
  • “Interesting but not captivating and rather too long.”
  • “Strong start, but lots its way. Overlong.”
  • “Long and depressing with pretty unlikeable characters.”
  • “Slow, long, drawn-out and boring!”
  • “I almost lost the will to live.”
  • “Must book a holiday to Romania. Seems like a fun place!”