Reactions to Hail Caesar!

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 74.55 per cent for Hail Caesar!

Some of your comments:

  • “A great film – most suitable for Tuesday evening viewing.”
  • “Great attention to detail. Great film!”
  • “Hilarious satire of 50’s Hollywood.”
  • “Always like the Coen Brothers films – very amusing. Pleasant alternative to doom & gloom.”
  • “It’s good to be entertained with a lighthearted film.”
  • “Typical off the wall Coen Brothers”
  • “Terrific – Great fun!”
  • “Great fun, wonderfully observed.”
  • “Hugely funny.”
  • “Great fun!”
  • “Very amusing and a little easier than some of the other films. Great humour and over the top scenes. Plenty of jesting at the expense of the film industry. Some great performances, e.g. the cowboy character.”
  • “Entertaining and very typical Coen style. Amusing parts e.g. Russian/Communist scene.”
  • “Highly amusing and entertaining. Some very good performances.”
  • “Funny, bizarre and makes a change.”
  • “Pretty funny, lovely to look at. But also quite forgettable!”
  • “Nice to have something light!”
  • “Every cliché much enjoyed. Casting – ++”
  • “Bit slow!”
  • “Really entertaining nonsense.”
  • “Love Coen Brothers. Too subtle. Not in the class of Fargo, etc.”
  • “Not quite funny enough to justify the considerable expense and talent.”
  • “Frivolous.”
  • “I found it good in places but confusing too.”
  • “Some good moments but mostly boring.”
  • “Please refer to Rotten Tomatoes.”