Reactions to Hail Satan?

Shown as part of our 2020/2021 Cheltenham Playhouse season.

An appreciation score of 60 per cent for Hail Satan?

Some of your comments:

  • Entertaining and thought provoking. Not a movement I had heard of and very relevant.
  • An important documentary, funny, fascinating and eye-opening. Depressing as well, in highlighting the grip that Christianity (and bigotry) has on the American state.
  • Timely and brilliantly touches on lots of contemporary issues. Also very funny.
  • Thinking of becoming a member of the Satanic temple in the UK – having recently left the previous temple of Satan (Labour Party), I am looking for a new start. Will be enjoying the film again tonight on Netflix with more potential Satanists.
  • For Satanists I thought they were a bit tame. Difficult to disagree with any of their 7 Tenets. Good luck to them in their battle against orthodox Christianity and their hypocrisy.
  • Hail the film choice! A humorous, challenging and thought provoking documentary style film.
  • Brilliant subject matter and a timely reminder of the danger of beliefs enshrined into institutions of authority and power.
  • Surprisingly engaging! Glad I didn’t know too much about it beforehand.
  • Not at all what I expected. Thought the premise was sustained well. And what a cast of characters! Larger than life.
  • Really interesting! I’d never heard of TST before. I enjoyed watching a documentary film at CFS.
  • Bit boring but must take rough with smooth as part of a varied genre offering.
  • Not our favourite but still good and humorous. We felt like the content could have been condensed a little.
  • At once interesting and exasperating. Is “Satanism” a well-considered platform from which to promote freedom of belief and expression?
  • A very thought provoking film. As with all English-speaking films I would welcome subtitles to help with the mumbling.
  • I didn’t enjoy it.
  • Interesting subject matter but not a lot else for me I’m afraid.
  • The joke wore out a bit after half an hour.
  • Repetitive, unfocussed.
  • Not worthy of CFS showing.
  • I found it mildly interesting but really had got the message in the first half hour so I thought it was too long. Also I’m not really sure that’s the sort of film I come to film society to see. – Sorry!
  • If it had been possible I would have walked out after 5 minutes. Poor choice.
  • Not really a film at all, more a politicised documentary of the kind you’d stumble across on YouTube when you’re looking for something else. We are already inundated with bizarre ideas from the dysfunctional and divided USA. There’s no separating Evangelical Christians from politics, so I’m very surprised CFS should go down this road. Poor fare.
  • Bizarre, weird, comical, shocking and awful! The worst film I’ve ever seen since being a member of CFS! How did this film ever get past the committee that sits and decides on the films to show. Guessing too much wine, couldn’t be bothered to review any other decent films and bored of being stuck at home during Covid was to blame! Please do not put another film like this in front of hard paying members or the film committee may have to go!