Reactions to Happy as Lazzaro

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 71.11 per cent for Happy As Lazzaro.

Some of your comments:

  • “Best ever.”
  • “Wow – best film this season.”
  • “The best yet.”
  • “Beautiful cinematography and acting. Different story line – but I will be thinking it through for days to come.”
  • “Fascinating, beautiful, thought-provoking and strange.”
  • “Very Italian with lots of metaphors and typical Italian nuances. Great!”
  • “A very unusual film. Loved the Italian scenery and life.”
  • “Really strange film. Brilliant casting for Lazzaro – the Italian Elijah Wood.”
  • “Superb cinema.”
  • “Wonderful”
  • “Spell-binding”
  • “Mesmerising”
  • “Powerful and deeply unsettling.”
  • “No car chases and just a lousy catapult…”
  • “V. enjoyable. Will now try to work out what it was about.”
  • “An allegory of Christ as an innocent?”
  • “Strangely moving film: it worked so well because of the excellent casting, the interesting faces, and conveyed the brutalities of rural servitude and the grimness of life at the edge in a big city.”
  • “A lovely treat, a feast for the imagination.”
  • “Very good. I will think about this for some time. Inspiration for art.”
  • “Refreshing antidote to Christmas commercialism.”
  • “Gripping, but what was it about?”
  • “A bit weird but enjoyable. Didn’t really understand it.”
  • “Imaginative but unfulfilling.”
  • “Lots of symbolism but completely lost on me towards end!”
  • “But did not understand it at all. Not at all!”
  • “Strange, bizarre, long film with weird ending!”
  • “Very slow and a bit odd.”
  • “Tried to be too clever and failed.”
  • “Extraordinary film. Perhaps should not have been chosen!”
  • “Dreadful.”
  • “Ridiculous film.”