Reactions to Here We Are

Here We Are, the third film of our 77th season achieved an overall, excellent appreciation score of 91% and received an appreciative, supportive reception. Some of the comments submitted:

  • So sensitive and wonderful.
  • A simple tale nicely told. Good to have a feel-good ending.
  • Excellent film. Showing the complex relationship between a parent and an autistic adult son. Beautifully acted by both the main characters. Loved the ending.
  • A difficult subject brilliantly handled and acted. Can’t really fault it.
  • Very moving film. The story of the father giving up his marriage, career, his own lifestyle choices to care for his autistic son was handled very well. The final outcome was a joy.
  • Very well acted, credible and emotional. Appropriate amount of humour.
  • Not a film I would have gone to see under normal circumstances however I was glad to see this one at the CFS. At times poignant awkward and distressing it revealed prejudices and nobleness within us. Great choice thanks.
  • We enjoyed it although found it a bit slow at times. So, not our favourite of the three we’ve seen so far this season but certainly worth coming out for.
  • A heart-warming film with a gentle touch of humour and thread of reality.
  • Sensitively done with some humour which made it very watchable and touching.
  • Moving and provided an insight into autism. Enough pace to sustain interest.
  • I just thought the part of Yuri’s mother’s argument was underplayed. She was allowed to moan a great deal, but the script failed to arm her with a reasoned argument on why her son should mix in a home with similar people. The father achieved hero status, why?