Reactions to Human Capital

Paulo Virpi’s Human Capital was warmly received, with a score of 87 per cent: “Best film I have seen for a long time”; “A brilliant film, it held my entire attention from beginning to end”; “Enjoyed! Lots of perspectives”; “Tense ending to well constructed film complemented it excellently”; “Very engrossing and enjoyable, clever plot with interesting characters. Particularly strong performances from the female stars”. A few dissenters found it slow and disliked the structural device whereby we saw some sections of the plot more than once.

The student film, The Obscurity of Evan, received a score of 64 per cent: “Nice idea and I liked the twist at the end”; “Built tension/suspense v. well. Promising!”; “Unpolished but interesting”. Some people didn’t follow the storyline, a common complaint about the student films, and some members took a hearty dislike to the whole thing: “Aliens don’t do it for me”; “Infantile fantasy” and “Drivel”.