Reactions to I Am Not A Witch

A mixed response to I Am Not A Witch, and an overall appreciation score of 64.66 per cent.

Some comments:

  • “Really enjoyed this film. So many truths and many possible interpretations.”
  • “Fabulous scenery and acting but an horrific and terrifying portrayal of misogyny and superstition.”
  • “Difficult to watch but an important subject matter to bring to the fore. Beautifully shot and extremely poignant/ironic choice of score.”
  • “Beautifully filmed but with a hopeful message.”
  • “Very disturbing and powerful.”
  • “Compelling, especially the extraordinary young actor ‘Shula’.”
  • “Agony to watch. I guess must take the film as metaphor, not judgement on another culture.”
  • “Deeply worrying tale.”
  • “Striking vision – will stay with me.”
  • “Constantly inspiring with an atmosphere all its own.”
  • “A truly remarkable movie.”
  • “Shula was a brilliant actress and completely adorable! Really enjoyed it.”
  • “Quite disjointed, and shocking in its content, but compelling and stark.”
  • “Sad little film with many poignant moments. Found the Vivaldi inappropriate.”
  • “Odd and unsettling.”
  • “Slightly heavy going.”
  • “Puzzling – even for somebody who has lived in Zambia.”
  • “I think I missed the point.”
  • “Too sad.”
  • “I didn’t really want to stay to watch it.”