Reactions to I Never Cry

Another good audience turned out for the latest screening, with almost all appreciating both the story line and the excellent lead performance from Zofia Stafiej. I Never Cry earned an overall appreciation score of 88.2% – here are some of the member comments:

  • Different take on the plight of European migrant workers with an excellent lead performance from Zofia Stafiej.
  • I loved it from the start. It made me laugh too. A great choice thanks.
  • Wonderful performances, simple story, brilliantly played.
  • A very strong and moving story. It raises a lot of issues on the treatment of migrant workers.
  • Good choice, thank you. Very realistic film, great attention to detail, wonderful acting by the young Polish actress.
  • Really enjoyed it, in a sobering ‘other people’s lives’ way.
  • Thank you: another amazing film! Fantastic acting, cinematography, & worthy comparisons with Ken Loach. Felt like a sequel to “I, Daniel Blake”.
  • Brilliant and educational. Sofia Stafiej’s performance was excellent, leaving me both horrified by Ola’s behaviour and enjoying, loving even, her character and unstoppable pluck.
  • Technically excellent, well paced and relentless.
  • Poignant and thought provoking about the experience of migrant workers, the impact on family lives, as well as the bonds that bind. There are a lot of people across the world who have to earn a living by in foreign countries.
  • Good story, believable, well-acted, funny.
  • Interesting theme for a film which touched on many issues. Every character seemed to be angry the whole time which can be a bit annoying.
  • Great gritty drama with some hilarious moments. Lead actor was superb – bet we’ll be seeing her again!
  • Really interesting exploration of the Polish diaspora in a country that has historically provided workers to the world. Very good central performance, really empathised with this girl thrown into a very difficult situation, she coped magnificently.
  • Another engrossing and absorbing film on a subject that I had not really thought about. The central character was completely believable and you wanted to find out what happened next.
  • Not exactly uplifting, but very well acted with believable characters living hard lives.
  • Much enjoyed but…the ‘heroine’s’ relationship with her father’s lover was poorly developed.
  • Great acting which provoked interest in what was a bleak storyline.