Reactions to Imagine

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 84.44 per cent for Imagine.

Some of your comments:

  • “What a pity it didn’t get a UK distributor! Fascinating insight, and compelling drama.”
  • “A very welcome change after the last few films – enjoyed the sunshine and light hearted moments….!!”
  • “Sweet film, refreshing change but still with depth and insight. Lovely!”
  • “Searching, interesting. A whole different perspective.”
  • “I learned a lot. Just loved this film.”
  • “Loved it.”
  • “I found it rather tense at times! In fact an extraordinary film.”
  • “Very clever. Very uncomfortable to watch at times. Some great shots. Loved the ending. Look & see!”
  • “Very cleverly done and thought provoking.”
  • “Makes one think – by watching subtitled films are our senses sharper on sound and vision?”
  • “Really fascinating. Such an unusual film.”
  • “Moving and enigmatic. Great actors!”
  • “Intriguing, puzzling and peculiar.”
  • “Wonderful and engaging.”
  • “Another great.”
  • “Fantastic story.”
  • “Good film. But would we have liked it as much if it wasn’t in such a pretty place?”
  • “Absorbing film, funny, squeamish at times – film highlighted how the blind could see more than the sighted.”
  • “Quite an insight! Very well done.”
  • “Intriguing and cleverer than at first seemed.”
  • “An interesting and imaginative film.”
  • “Nerve-racking. Also offered a diff. perspective/approach.”
  • “Lovely to hear a film.”
  • “A bit slow moving but maybe necessary to make the nuanced learning points.”
  • “A documentary about blindness.”
  • “Relief at a hopeful ending.”
  • “The perfect ending! But do blind people use the language of sight so much in real life?”
  • “Curiously jerky progression!”
  • “Interesting film but repetitious.”
  • “Average acting. Clever idea.”
  • “In theory, good idea. Found it quite boring, though. Didn’t like the fact that they were in Portugal.”
  • “Beautiful characters and beautiful photography but….”
  • “Touching, but a bit dull.”