Reactions to Insyriated

Insyriated, an uncompromising feature about the Syrian conflict, was very well received, with an appreciation score of 88.26 per cent.

Some comments:

  • “The most harrowing film I’ve ever seen! Tense and immensely moving.”
  • “One of the best! Gripping. Five star direction/acting et al. Really good!”
  • “Claustrophobic, challenging to watch, wonderfully acted. More powerful than any documentary on the war.”
  • “Unrelenting tension, so realistic, sustained believeable horror. Heart-breaking.”
  • “Powerful and awful – an amazing film. Terribly gruelling and emotional to watch as you know it is really happening.”
  • “Disturbingly brilliant, and so sensitive but brutal.”
  • “Excruciating and very hard to watch but superbly acted.”
  • “A film that everyone should watch to gain appreciation of true strength and fear.”
  • “Forgive me if I ever complain about anything again!”
  • “Harrowing, exhausting. Privileged to see it.”
  • “So hard to watch, so important to see. We are so lucky.”
  • “Everyone should see this!”
  • “A moving and profound film.”
  • “Sad, evil and compassionate. Outstanding.”
  • “Very very bleak indeed.”
  • “Excellent film but too harrowing for me. I nearly walked out.”
  • “Simply too traumatic to appreciate.”