CFS Online First Season – Reactions to Kuessipan

A good response to Kuessipan, our second CFS Online film, which received an appreciation score of 77.9 per cent.

Some comments:

  • Really interesting and I really liked the poetic nature.
  • A beautifully crafted, heartfelt film.
  • Brilliant film. Thank you for showing.
  • Completely enjoyable.
  • Interesting to find out about a society which is largely unknown.
  • Very enjoyable. Great story which successfully wove together several themes such as friendship, isolation and cultural identity with a happy ending!
  • A film with great depth and insight into a world unknown to most of us. Beautifully portrayed.
  • Great photography and interesting viewpoint from within another culture. Gently challenging commentary on race relations.
  • Too long to maintain story line.
  • Interesting dynamic of cultures. I had difficulty following the time line. Thought provoking as usual.
  • Gave up after watching about 15mins of film.
  • Interesting cultural insights but a bit too slow to warrant more than a C plus.
  • Grim and so slow.
  • Interesting location but not enough to keep attention – abandoned.