Reactions to Land of Mine

There was a very positive response to the gruelling Land of Mine, which achieved an appreciation score of 91.77 per cent.

Some comments:

  • “Another excellent choice.”
  • “Ace film. Story a little predictable, but a strong anti-war film.”
  • “Powerful depiction of one of the many stories we’d all rather not know about, but should.”
  • “Wonderful – a piece of history I know nothing about.”
  • “Uncompromising tale of the aftermath of war.”
  • “Reminds us again of the trauma suffered post war by innocent people.”
  • “Made me think about how war causes blind hatred, which is pernicious.”
  • “Will stay with me for a long time. Somehow gave hope in the face of all the awfulness.”
  • “Moving and very powerful. Shows how much hate and compassion there is in each human.”
  • “Very moving. Roland Moller was superb.”
  • “Engrossing. Tense and unsentimental.”
  • “One of the most harrowing films I’ve ever seen, but gripping.”
  • “Another hard watch. Well acted, good photography.”
  • “Nuanced and well-developed. Also a story I did not know about.”
  • “Really don’t want such sad stuff.”
  • “Distressing.”

The short film, For Real Tho’, was strongly disliked, scoring only 28.04 per cent.

  • “Very Borges!”
  • “The best bit of the evening.”
  • “20 minutes well spent.”
  • “Very modern.”
  • “Cool!”
  • “Perplexing.”
  • “What was it about?”
  • “Didn’t see the point.”
  • “Self indulgent and pretentious.”
  • “Weird.”
  • “I’m sure it was trying to say something but not sure what.”
  • “What was the point?”
  • “Worst film ever seen.”
  • “Rubbish – why did you choose it?”
  • “Awful!! Worse than E.”
  • “Foul mouthed pretentious tosh.”
  • “Tiresome rubbish.”
  • “A waste of 20 minutes.”

(And much more of the same…)