Reactions to Lean On Pete

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 79.37 per cent for Lean On Pete.

Some of your comments:

  • “A raw and moving tale. Excellent performances by the boy and Steve Buscemi.
  • “Made me cry buckets – but great cinematography and great not to be spoiled by music.”
  • “What a beautiful film.”
  • “A brilliant story very well told.”
  • “V. moving. Full of humanity.”
  • “Gruelling to watch at times.”
  • “And there was me anticipating a nice film about a boy and a horse.”
  • “Thank goodness the ending was redemptive!”
  • “Speech hard to make out sometimes.”
  • “Haigh’s films have developed in v. different ways since ‘Weekend’. My son was assistant cameraman. All good – all different.”
  • “Tough coming of age!”
  • “What an actor! Glad I came out instead of putting car in garage.”
  • “Not Hollywood, good to see real people.”
  • “Wyoming’s not for me!”
  • “A good look at a side of America that is rarely seen.”
  • “Bit slow and sentimental.”
  • “Toooo long.”
  • “Andrew Haigh is like a good wine — he gets better with age. Could have benefitted from subtitles.”
  • “Pity the dialogue was so mumbled.”
  • “No recommendation for this part of America!”
  • “Screen appeared very dark rather often?
  • “The accent was so difficult to get that I understood only 20% of the conversation.”
  • “Long. Too long. Gloomy and not enjoyable.”
  • “It was like watching paint dry. Very slow.”
  • “Kissed one horse you’ve kissed em all!”

In view of the numerous and understandable remarks on the difficulty of following the dialogue, what would people’s thoughts be on showing subtitles for similar English-language “mumblecore” films?