Reactions to Leave No Trace

An enthusiastic response to our first film of the season, Debra Granik’s Leave No Trace. It achieved an appreciation score of 90.37 per cent.

Some of your comments:

  • “Beautifully paced, poignant and haunting film.”
  • “A great start to the season.”
  • “So well acted, convincing story. Beautifully filmed.”
  • “As a new member I was impressed by the choice of film to open the season.”
  • “First film, as new to CFS, and very impressed. Hard act to follow!”
  • “One of the best films I’ve seen.”
  • “A minor American masterpiece.”
  • “Just fantastic.”
  • “Heartfelt exploration of mental health and what it is to be ‘normal’.”
  • “What a visually beautiful and tender film. So much emotion without a hint of sentimentality.”
  • “Extraordinary depiction of a relationship with father and daughter.”
  • “A moving commentary on the effects of war.”
  • “Excellent acting, showing a war victim who never recovered.”
  • “Outstanding acting: so much said with no words.”
  • “Brilliant performances.”
  • “Tender, moving and convincing.”
  • “Beauty combined with drama and love.”
  • “An engrossing and moving story. A stylish film.”
  • “Amazing cinematography and storytelling.”
  • “Flawless.”
  • “But I could not understand much of the dialogue: subtitles needed.”
  • “Such a relief that nothing nasty happened.”
  • “A bit long: slow but beautifully made.”
  • “Rather an anticlimax at the end. Very slow.”
  • “Bit plain for an opening film, no big action or plot.”