Reactions to Life Feels Good

Life Feels Good was well liked, achieving the highest appreciation score so far this season: 93.87 per cent. Attendance was 293. There was much praise for actors Dawid Ogrodnik and Kamil Tkacz as Mateusz.

Some comments:

  • “A great film for raising awareness for those living with disabilities. Everyone should see it!”
  • “One of the 10 most enjoyable films I have ever seen.”
  • “Superb – best yet!”
  • “Disturbingly powerful film. Unbelievably brilliant acting by lead. Are Polish hospitals/institutions really this good?”
  • “A brave film with a powerful message. (However, even student nurses do not try to feed patients lying FLAT!)”
  • “Acting superb. Film dealt with subject sympathetically without patronising the mentally challenged. Attitudes have changed a bit.”
  • “Stunning film. Don’t make too many assumptions about disability; you’re likely to be wrong!”
  • “Everyone deserves respect and love.”
  • “Inspirational. Gratifying to be reminded of the importance of human rights, and compassionate.”
  • “Superbly acted. A true, close study of the human condition. Impressively realistic depiction.”
  • “Such an important message to all able-bodied people.”
  • “Brilliant acting. Makes you realise you should never take people at face value.”
  • “Challenging and inspiring. A very good choice! It added to the experience that it was not a documentary yet based on a real person.”
  • “Great film – wonderful balance of poignancy with comedy.”
  • “Extraordinary film; clever, funny, thought-provoking.”
  • “Very moving.”
  • “Deeply affecting film.”
  • “Surprisingly uplifting.”
  • “Some parents are wizards. Some experts are idiots. Where there’s love, life can be good.”
  • “Disturbing. So pleased I am able to communicate easily.”
  • “I didn’t believe it took 26 years.”
  • “If only it always turned out that well.”
  • “Was just too traumatic to comment.”
  • “Challenging, but worthwhile and thought-provoking.”
  • “Perhaps more original in Poland than here.”