Reactions to Lost In Paris

A warm response to Lost In Paris, which scored 85.5 per cent and received a lot of praise:

  • “Wonderful finish for 2018.”
  • “A brilliant end to the term.”
  • “Great feel-good nonsense for end of year.”
  • “Not a grim film. Wonderful Xmas treat.”
  • “So nice to laugh this Brexit time. Thank you!”
  • “Just what was needed after a somewhat turgid season.”
  • “Wonderful. No antidepressants needed this week.”
  • “Lovely to have a happy film again.”
  • “Refreshingly original, quirky and funny film; thoroughly enjoyed it.”
  • “A fantastic quirky film. More like this please!”
  • “Great performances by Fiona and Dom. Wonderful film.”
  • “Full disclosure: have seen film before, and all their films, and have even met them! So, a big fan and you can’t expect any neutral objectivity from me!”
  • “Whimsical, very French and funny.”
  • “A really great film.”
  • “Bloody brilliant!”
  • “Super. Loved music.”
  • “After a hard day’s work, it was just what I needed.”
  • “Thanks – Happy Christmas!”
  • “Impossible not to like!”

To disprove the last comment, however, there were a few dissenters:

  • “Fun – but not too many more like it.”
  • “C’est merde.”
  • “Silly.”
  • “Didn’t enjoy. Think it was only me!”
  • “Almost as nauseating as Rumba (the worst film I’ve ever seen at Film Soc), with a few humorous moments.”
  • “Too slapstick.”
  • “The humour was silly.”
  • “I didn’t laugh at the first gag. Nor any of the others in the next 30 minutes before I gave up.”

The short, The Silent Child, on the other hand, was almost universally praised and received an appreciation score of 94.46 per cent which seems to make it the most popular short we have ever shown.

  • “The best of the season.”
  • “Very moving, and made an excellent point in a sensitive manner.”
  • “We all need wake-up calls like that! What an incredible cast!”
  • “Very interesting how deafness has gone unheard.”
  • “Beautifully filmed and acted.”
  • “Fantastic debut for deaf actress.”
  • “I have seen it before: excellent and heartbreaking!”
  • “Too short.”