Reactions to Marshland

Members enjoyed Marshland last night, giving it an appreciation score of 86.1 per cent. Some comments:

  • Gripping! Excellent choice – visually and good story.
  • Brings back memories of ‘Franquismo’ and time spent there. Good portrait of corruption and fear.
  • A great movie: tense, intelligent and beautiful camerawork.
  • Really interesting, multi-faceted, riveting film. Well done.
  • Beautiful scenery, good plot and acting.
  • I loved the geography and aerial shots.
  • Terrifyingly terrific.

On the other hand there were some comments about the subtitles being very low down, which we will look into.

The student film, To The Water That Steams, scored 49.4 per cent. Many members enjoyed the cinematography but others found the film too abstract. Comments:

  • Subject matter rather confusing but well filmed.
  • Out of body experience? Not sure.
  • Not coherent enough for me.
  • More enigmatic student angst. Well shot though.