Reactions to Maudie

A rapturous reception for last night’s film, Aisling Walsh’s Maudie, which earned an overall appreciation score of 93.65 per cent. That places it in the top ten of films we have ever shown.

Here are some of the comments:

  • “Beautiful. Best film in seven years!”
  • “Wonderful acting, photography, everything.”
  • “Utterly absorbing. Superb performances by all. Cinematography riveting, the seasons and weather invaded the cinema, as did the tensions between the two main players. This is what film is all about.”
  • “Very moving, beautifully acted and filmed.”
  • “As acute a portrayal of love as you’ll see.”
  • “Evocative and moving. A wonderful film.”
  • “Enthralling from start to finish. A wonderful story, brilliantly portrayed.”
  • “Beautiful photography, excellent cast.”
  • “Very well portrayed.”
  • “Lovely. Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke were great.”
  • “Beautiful. Such a strong and sensitive film.”
  • “What a way to get into the season. Brilliant.”
  • “Very pleased I came: my first visit. Thank you.”
  • “Can we have a Sally Hawkins film every year please?”
  • “Just like a pair of odd socks.”
  • “Muy bueno!”
  • “Very touching and unusual, but rather over long.”
  • “Better if I could have understood more than half the dialogue.”
  • “Very slow, overblown, didn’t like Ethan Hawke’s portrayal. Boring!”

Sorry about the mix-up with the sound at the beginning.