Reactions to Me, Myself and Mum

There was a generally good response to Me, Myself and Mum, the last film of our season (and, of course, to the wine & cheese). It scored 81 per cent.

Some comments:

  • “Superb in every way. Funniest film ever.”
  • “Hilarious. Guillaume Gallienne’s facial expressions are the funniest thing I’ve seen all season.”
  • “Loved the story, cinematography, actors. All in all a very good film and would recommend to others.”
  • “Some great comic moments. Fabulous fun.”
  • “Lovely to end on a happier note.”
  • “Quaintly humorous but serious message within. Well done!”
  • “Delightfully odd!”
  • “Very French – thought provoking.”
  • “Made me laugh but got bored.”
  • “Pas de tout ma tasse de thé.”