Reactions to Ninotchka

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 84.55 per cent for Ninotchka.

Some of your comments:

  • “Thanks; a bit of comic relief. Billy Wilder is a gem.”
  • “How wonderful to come out with a smile on everyone’s face. Loved it.”
  • “Refreshing to see something relatively uncomplicated, charming and easy on the eye. A good evening!”
  • “Brilliant – really enjoyed it. Thanks.”
  • “Brilliant acting and script. Classic.”
  • “Good to see a classic – and wonderful Greta Garbo.”
  • “Charming film, great script for Garbo.”
  • “Great humour. Garbo was so beautiful.”
  • “100 per cent better than expected. Garbo was phenomenal.”
  • “Good to see Garbo again.”
  • “I didn’t think I would like it so much! Well done CFS.”
  • “Not at all what I expected! Brilliant!”
  • “Very entertaining and very different genre.”
  • “What a change!”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps the directors of today could learn.”
  • “A for the choice of comedy and such stylish classic filming. The delight of black and white camerawork, composition and lighting. Delight.”
  • “Fascinating – so much has changed and so little. More innocent times.”
  • “Really great. 80 years old? So funny still.”
  • “Hollywood is so enjoyable sometimes.”
  • “Nothing like a good classic rom-com. Philadelphia Story next please!”
  • “At last something to make you smile – funny and better than expected.
  • “Well-directed with shades of the Marx Brothers and excellent acting from Garbo and Douglas.”
  • “The film has aged remarkably well – at 80! On balance, I enjoyed the minor characters more than the stars and Leon was lying about his age.”
  • “Charming, whimsical and of its time!”
  • “Up the revolution.”
  • “A bit silly.”
  • “It went on a bit.”