Reactions to Our Little Sister

A good response to Our Little Sister last night, with an appreciation score of 81.11 per cent. Members found it sensitive and moving, although a minority considered it overlong and slow.

Some comments:

  • “A sensitive and intimate portrait of family tragedy resolved with love.”
  • “Very gentle and, for me, good insight into the nuances of Japanese culture.”
  • “Absolutely delightful, poetic, considered.”
  • “Touching, beautiful images. Great acting.”
  • “Beautiful and so delicate.”
  • “Very sweet, gentle and innocent but undercurrents of stronger emotion – bittersweet.”
  • “Lovely to have a rest from excellent but harrowing films.”
  • “A bit overlong but quite charming.”
  • “Nice story. Interesting insight into Japanese culture. Too long and slow.”
  • “Too whimsical. Light and airy. Could not see the point. Lovely smiles and food though!”