Reactions to Parallel Mothers

Parallel Mothers achieved an overall appreciation score of 82.5%. Many members found this engaging and interesting; while a minority found it artificial and somewhat one-paced. Some of the comments submitted:

  • Penelope Cruz shines in this well acted drama. Not sure the dual theme running through the film really integrates well but thoroughly enjoyable non the less.
  • The beautiful cinematography and political background story really added depth to an engaging film.
  • Long-ish, but not boring. I guess one could see the basic premise of the ‘switched’ babies early on and the Civil War issues (still v. significant in Spain) might have been given more prominence but still a great film although with less of Almodovar’s usual surreal touches.
  • Brilliant. Typical Almodóvar.
  • Beautifully directed and filmed. Some subtitles could have been better
  • A masterpiece. Could be his second best film..
  • Very interesting story and the linking of two separate plots. There were plenty of twists and turns to maintain interest throughout.
  • The film explored an important issue in Spanish history, but I struggled to make the link between Franco’s killing of opponents and the story of two mothers.
  • A good film, but not a great one. I think the main problem is the premise of the film). Being a mother myself, I know you very strongly recognise your own baby, by sight and smell, even if you’ve only seen him or her for a split second. Bizarrely, all babies all look the same until you have one yourself, then the differences are enormous until you’re passed the baby stage. The two women gave birth naturally and saw their babies, THEN they were taken away for observation. I just don’t believe they would have got them mixed up! Also, odd that Anna never asked why Penelope Cruz was sticking a swab into her mouth! Still, it was a watchable film, as Almodovar and Penelope Cruz make a good team.
  • Almodovar is a master and Penelope Cruz one of the great actors of our generation and so this was a wonderful cinematic experience. Important issues were given full examination….yet the rather contrived and convoluted plot lines rather got in the way somehow, a pity.
  • It was a story that drew you in, the baby swap part of an altogether unexpected storyline. A bit overblown at times and the ending and climax to the film seem to finish a bit too quickly. The female actors were particularly strong. Another film in a varied and interesting programme.
  • Really enjoyed film – found the story line towards the end a little weaker. However well acted and well produced.
  • The plot about the swapped babies was a bit obvious, and I rolled my eyes when the women had a sexual relationship too (I’d love to see a feminist critique of this film). The bread in the sandwich was the history these people were dealing with, and was dealt with rather quickly.
  • Almodovar is undoubtedly a brilliant film maker, but I don’t think this film is one of his best. I wasn’t convinced by the plot line. It was clear from the beginning the baby was unlikely to be Ana’s. I know we are intended to suspend our disbelief but it was a stretch too far. I also find his over-use of entries and exits old fashioned. The audience don’t need these pointers. Therefore it was clunky in my view. Nevertheless enjoyable due to the great cinematography.
  • Rather one-paced and too obsessed with the personal relationships, leaving the broader historical context of the Civil War tantalisingly underdeveloped.
  • Two stories in one within this film, but I felt a bit of a clash and unusual overlap.
  • Almodovar films always feel artificial and decorous to me, and this one was a bit boring as well.