Reactions to Plan 75

Plan 75 achieved an overall appreciation score of 66.0%. Some members found this chilling, satirical and thought provoking; while others found it depressing, slow, tedious and somewhat overly long. Some of the comments submitted:

  • A cautionary if not dystopian tale prompting us to question whether the ageing population has any place at all in an increasingly resource stretched society. Do we become socially dead once we hit 75? Have we reached a state where the survival of society comes to be predicated on ‘retiring’ its elderly population through state assisted dying? Should productivity be defined merely by age? It is uncomfortable to watch abled but otherwise ageing citizen be denied the right to live, let alone the right to employment. Would migrant workers be counted on to do the dirty work of ‘dispatching’ the elderly and their possessions? Very thought provoking and layered film if a bit too obviously satirical.
  • It managed to avoid most of the pitfalls of dystopian films, the central character put in a wonderfully sensitive performance and the pacing was bravely and appropriately slow. Thank you for selecting it.
  • Raised some amazing discussion points after about ageing, governments and euthanasia. A very touching and thought-provoking film which was tender and carefully filmed. Cultural nuances meant the black comedy was ambiguous. Loved it, but feared it, and think it should be shown in mainstream cinemas and schools.
  • Beautifully directed and amazing acting. Heart rending and food for thought.
  • Disturbing vision of the future. Moving & beautifully filmed.
  • A strange, low-key, almost hypnotic film. The irony of the Japanese diet, etc. leading to a longevity that has become a socio-economic ‘problem’. And has a resonance with the ‘Assisted Dying’ debate in Europe also. I’d like to see more Japanese cinema in the CFS, they’re quite unlike anywhere else.
  • Intelligent film, a bit confusing at times. Very funny in parts.
  • Chilling and thought provoking, especially at my age, but worth watching.
  • Very powerful film with a strong message about ageing and valuing old people. Very dark but held my attention.
  • Interesting idea, good performances but ponderous delivery.
  • Good but a bit slow, and depressing for people of my age!
  • A well made film but deeply depressing and glad when it had finished.
  • It was a difficult one to watch with the links to sorting through belongings echoing images from WW2 camps. It was all portrayed as so reasonable but so divisive between generations and such a dismissive generalisation of after 75s having no worth or value to society. Woke gone to extremes and you don’t have to look far in history to see how certain groups are made scapegoats and treated abominably.
  • Slow, a bit tedious. I felt the characters lacked depth which made it difficult to empathise.
  • Dull and overly long. The underlying idea was interesting but I felt they could have done a lot more with it. Weakest film of the season so far, which has been of a high standard.
  • A profoundly depressing, repugnant film that should come with a warning that anyone’s mood will be lowered as a result of viewing it. Despite its technical excellence and fine acting, the intention to air these issues of euthanasia gets obscured by the unremitting bleakness, even horror, of the subject matter. I’m not sure a film like this should be aired at all, as there will be some people, perhaps elderly, who will take it at face value and see themselves as no longer required in society.