Reactions to Rams

Rams was well received, with an 83 per cent appreciation score.

Some comments:

  • “A very engaging film: amusing, sad and very emotive.”
  • “Very good drama.”
  • “Emotionally charged drama: brilliantly acted out.”
  • “Huge range of emotions; best in a long time.”
  • “Wonderful scenery; excellent story.”
  • “Beautifully filmes; story sensitively filmed.”
  • “Wonderful film; didn’t think sheep could be so interesting.”
  • “Not keen on the tragic ending.”
  • “Can’t wait for Rams 2.”

On the other hand, some members were dismayed by the apparently tragic ending.

Meanwhile, there was much praise for the student film, E.T.A, which achieved an appreciation score of 64.9 per cent and won a round of applause.

  • “Interesting story; well thought out; good acting; suspense.
  • “Best film I’ve seen from students. Well done!
  • “Excellent: refreshingly so!”
  • “Really promising piece: excellent contrasts and humour.”