Reactions to Rear Window

A warm reception for Rear Window last night, with an 82 per cent appreciation score. Some comments:

  • “The best this year – loved it!”
  • “A very enjoyable film – cleverly filmed!”
  • “Great dialogue, not ‘dated’ at all as some 50s movies are – very much enjoyed.”
  • “Really enjoying the choice of films.”
  • “Better than I remembered – must be the big screen.”
  • “Thank you for revisiting and educating me on a classic.”
  • “Good to have a more light-hearted film.”
  • “A good plot: very good entertainment and quite a thriller. Good ending too.”
  • “Liked his blondes, Hitchcock.”
  • “This director I think will go far.”
  • “Slow and a bit silly!”
  • “Somewhat tedious.”

For anyone who is interested in the Kuleshov effect, mentioned in the introductory talk, Hitchcock’s explanation and demonstration can be seen here.